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Hear from our volunteers

Sally Ann Rogers from UK

“I feel very honoured to have spent my last week in India at Sukritham Girl’s Home which is for abandoned girls in India who are the most vulnerable in Indian society.
These beautiful girls are full of energy, love, optimism, laughter and each have their own unique qualities.
We have practiced yoga classes, cooking classes and enjoyed our time spent together having fun all together.
Within the safety and network of “Their Home” they do not like to label their home as an orphanage”.

Marc-Alain Portmann and Sarah from Switzerland

“It has been a wonderful experience for us to spend the last two weeks with, to share our time with you and to get to know each one of you. We’ve instantly fallen in love with your nice big smiles and your lively, curious and open hearted characters. So we are very sad to have to go home. Of course, we will follow your further activities from Switzerland and hopefully we can come back in future to see how you develop and how you get along in life.

We will keep you in our hearts and wish the very best to each of you”.


Josefine from Germany

“I am very happy about my stay at Sukritham Gardens. It was a pleasure getting to know each one of you. You are all so full of happiness and strength, taking good care of each other. 20 girls with big big hearts!

I enjoyed our time singing, playing and practicing English. I hope you enjoyed it too and make use of what you have learned.

When you have Internet at Sukritham I want to continue our English sessions via Skype. Also to see and talk to you again, see you growing bigger and improving your English skills. Besides I am very thankful for everything that you taught me!

Sukritham Gardens is a wonderful place to grow up. It is an environment full of laughter and love, where there is room for making dreams come true. I have spent 32 days at Sukritham Gardens with the girls and I leave you being sad and happy at the same time.

Sad that our time together is over now. And happy to see you again, because I will come back to you. Promise!”

Carmen R. de la Ros from Spain/Austria

“Far from being a charity worker myself or even working for a NGO I’m a simple social worker who simply loves travelling and always go with the flow… And so I have had a chance to meet Mahadev and to spend few days at Sukritham Home. This short but very intense time was part of my trip, not just to the South of India, but also to my very deep inside.   I am still trying to digest everything that Mahadev explained to me about the situation of girls and women in India… I’m afraid I might never be able to understand… But it is not about understanding.  What I have learnt during those days at Sukritham is all about love, about helping  each other unconditionally, about accepting or not, about acceptance or not, BUT fighting and above all about giving without asking for anything (or just very little!) in return. Those days with those wonderful girls were for me a priceless experience. I still hear that song at 6 am… those absolutely gorgeous voices… I have hardly ever in my life experienced the power of magic like I did at Sukritham Home.

I am coming back…

In deepest respect for the job Mahadev is doing and loving gratefulness,


Philipp Miller & Robin Lenz from Germany

“We had a great time in Sukritham and it had been awesome to see that the girls are very happy here and have such a nice place to grow up. Thanks for all the food made of Kerala’s beautiful nature’s plants and for the many things we could learn. We hope you learned something new from us, too.

To see the joy in the girls eyes while playing and sharing skills with them made us feel so happy and grateful””.

Roland and Andrea from Switzerland

“We spend five very interesting weeks in Sukritham Gardens. We are impressed what you are doing for the girls and for a better world.

Thank you for all the talks we had together and the insight in your work and life.

We wish you a lot of energy and the luck on your side”.

Helen Savva from UK

“Thank you for your kindness and hospitality over the last few weeks.

Thank you for letting me photograph and film you for the documentary.

It has been a pleasure getting to know you, doing maths with you laughing with you (a lot)!

Families come in all shapes and sizes and Sukritham you have a big and happy one. This is a real Home, full of some of the most loving, generous and dignified people I have ever met.

Keep doing karate and climbing trees. Never let society’s expectations of what it means to be a ‘girl’ hold you back. I am very sad to go… but I will carry you with me in my heart”.

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Eszter Groll from Belgium (Sithara) -1

“I spent one fantastic week at Sukritham Home in March and I can say that it was beyond all expectations. Besides the fact that the girls seem very happy in the home they also give much love to each other and to everybody who visits them there. The Sukritham Girls Home is a big, lovely family and I’m very happy that I could be involved to this amazing family. From now on I’m the big sister of them.
I also learnt many things from them, just one among the plenty is that sharing is caring. They are such generous, polite, well-educated and opened to every unknown that we all could only adore and envy it.
My aim by visiting the Sukritham Home was to see the possibilities how to support the new Sukritham Garden by solar panels by my NGO. After my visit I will make it sure that my project will succeed and that the girls will live in an even better environment.
I will try to help the girls and the project in any way and spread all over the world their concept and idea about how lovable you can live your life.
See you girls, Mahadev, mother, amama, Betty, Blackie, Deisy soon”.

Eszter Groll from Belgium (Sithara) -2

“It’s been exactly five years that the first time I came and it was an amazing experience to see you all grown bigger. I was very happy to realize that all could speak English now so we could understand each other beautifully.

Enjoy every day in your life and Sitarachi is hurrying back to Sukritham as soon as possible”.