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Sukritham Gardens

Sukritham Gardens is our dream project. The project envisages constructing an environmentally friendly campus consisting of a cluster of aesthetically designed cottages. These cottages can accommodate 50 inmates along with residents, volunteers, and staff.  We acquired 2 acres of land and phase one of the buildings is already completed. On completion, the campus will provide 20000 square feet of living space consisting of four children’s rooms, one staff bedroom, one room for resident mother-in-charge, study, prayer hall, kitchen and dining room. The project also anticipates one outside study area with stone-paved stairs and one volunteer cottage. 

Sukritham Gardens situates on the laps of serene mountains in the village. The windows provide a lovely view of the lush coconut groves at the valley and the views of the rising sun are breathtaking. More than 16 magnificent tree species including mango tree, banyan tree, and jack fruit tree as well as scenic rocks are scattered around the campus. This means that the inmates get a chance to study, play and relax in a campus filled with flora.

The design of the new project was done by Architect Jose Mon’s “Design plus Architects” who is a well-wisher and a frequent visitor at Sukritham Home. He volunteered to design and supervise the construction work. He beautifully landscaped the plot anticipating it to make a place where children can play and grow up in peace. It was Jose Mon who gave the name “Sukritham Gardens” to the project.

Sukritham Gardens is just 45 minutes drive away from Calicut city.  The construction has been started in December 2010 by digging a well and implementing pump houses. A road has been designed up to the highest point of the land and a major portion of this has already been constructed. The construction of the first building having 3000 square feet of living space has been started in 2011. This was completed in June 2012 and now serves as the home for inmates.

 The major portion of the project consisting of cottages and facilities are yet to be realized. We wish to accommodate 50 girls by completing the project by 2020 and needless to say, generous support from well-wishers is inevitable to make this dream come true.

The construction cost of one square foot has been estimated as Rs.2000/ 25 EUR. You can offer contributions to the building project by way of sponsoring square feet.