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Sukritham Home, is wholeheartedly dedicated to the welfare of the abandoned girls at Sukritham Girls Home. We respect the value and personality of all children, staff, residents and visitors in creating an extended family for those who were once left alone. Sukritham is not an adoption facility. Instead, we endeavor to raise the girls in a loving and safe family environment, offering them education and opportunities to further develop their talents and social skills. Since girls are the most vulnerable members of Indian society, we decided to focus our attention on them.

Sukritham Home is located at Kakkur, Kozhikode district. Sukritham Garden .

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Josefine from Germany

My dear friends,

I am very happy about my stay at Sukritham Gardens. It was a pleasure getting to know each one of you. You are all so full of happiness and strength, taking good care of each other. 20 girls with big big hearts!

I enjoyed our time singing, playing and practicing English. I hope you enjoyed it too and make use of what you have learned.

When you have Internet at Sukritham I want to continue our English sessions via Skype. Also to see and talk to you again,

see you growing bigger and improving your English skills. Besides I am very thankful for everything that yu taught me!

Sukritham Gardens is a wonderful place to grow up:

It is an environment full of laughter and love, where there is room for making dreams come true.

I have spent 32 days at Sukritham Gardens with the girls and I leave you being sad and happy at the same time:

Sad that our time together is over now. And happy to see you again, because I will come back to you. Promise!

Lots of Love!



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  • New building project

    We are planning to start the second phase construction of Sukritham Gardens from April 2015. Presently we are working in limited area of bedding, study area, bathroom etc… To construct one sq ft, the estimated cost is approximately 2000 INR. If 300 people can contribute 10 sq ft each….. we will be able to complete […]

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  • Sukritham Gardens- Building work

    The work of 3000 sq.ft building has completed by August 2012 and we had moved to it presently. The structure work has completed yet the furnishing work, kitchen equipments fixing etc. needed to be completed.

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  • Sukritham Gardens – building work

    As informed in early August, the foundation stone laying for the new 3000 Sq feet building was done on 17th August 2011.The foundation stone was laid by our young kids.  In spite of the delays due to the extended monsoon rains, the work is in full swing and the foundation is expected to be ready […]

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  • foundation-stone-laying-for-the-new-building

    Foundation stone for the new building of 3000 square feet is going to be done on 17th August 2011 at Sukritham Gardens.  On 16th evening there is a Vasthu Bhali and on 17th morning a Ganpathi pooja and Bhagavathi Pooja will be done. The foundation stone laying will be done between 9:00 am and 9:30 […]

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