Sukritham Girls Home

Home is where your heart is.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. At Sukritham we have a big and happy one. Currently, we are 20 members strong and eager to welcome more in the future.

We grow in well-cared surroundings where values, mutual respect, and love shape our personality.

We are taught to work hard and dream big. We believe we are equally competent to any other girl in society and getting ready to meet the challenges boldly by acquiring all necessary skills and talents.

We don’t believe we are weak or vulnerable, instead, we know the focus, determination, and inspiration that the residents, staff and volunteers wholeheartedly instil in us makes us stronger like any other child.

We love Sukritham, coz, it’s where our hearts are.

At Home

Everything at Sukritham Girls Home is truly dedicated to the wellbeing of the inmates. Here we respect the value and personality of every single child, irrespective of her age, skills or education. The residents, staff and volunteers live as an extended family. This is not an adoption centre, instead a home for those who miss one. We strive to provide all sorts of opportunities to the girls to grow as universal citizen.

Location and Status

Sukritham Girls Home is located at Sukritham Gardens, a lush green hilly campus. Sukritham is a registered NBO (Nation Building Organization), Non-religious and Non-Profit Social Service Organization, devoted to taking care of abandoned or underprivileged girls with little hope for a decent future or a life in dignity. We work closely to different other Social Service Organizations as well.

Our Dream

To have all necessary amenities where every deprived girl can grow happily and fearlessly, get educated, empowered and strengthen their personalities. We dream every neglected girl to be safe, and are committed to provide as much facilities as we can in order to ensure not a single girl is left out of the path of the care and nourishment that she deserves.

Our New Facility Is Ready

Our new annexure of three-story building which can house 14 kids with their mentors, 4 double bedrooms for volunteers, art gallery cum sales counter and a study area has being done. This building is being constructed with the support of Indian Oil Corporation as a part of their CSR activities.

Need your help

Together we can

All members of society have the social responsibility to take care of the underprivileged among us. We request to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate ones and promise our service as a connecting link between the needy and you. Let’s try to be a prosperous country by reducing social imbalance. Let every single child grow with dignity and pride.

At the initial stages of Sukritham Girls Home, we struggled to meet the ends. Every day had been a challenge as we have to find funds and resources for food, education and medical expenses for the children. The numbers of sponsors were few. When time passed, more and more people came to know about this noble endeavor and came forward to help. And we were able to provide facilities for more and more children. Still, we have a lot more to do.

Together we can make the change.

Since 2006 our body, soul and mind are dedicated to serving unfortunate girls. On completion we anticipate: