My dear friends,

I am very happy about my stay at Sukritham Gardens. It was a pleasure getting to know each one of you. You are all so full of happiness and strength, taking good care of each other. 20 girls with big big hearts!

I enjoyed our time singing, playing and practicing English. I hope you enjoyed it too and make use of what you have learned.

When you have Internet at Sukritham I want to continue our English sessions via Skype. Also to see and talk to you again,

see you growing bigger and improving your English skills. Besides I am very thankful for everything that yu taught me!

Sukritham Gardens is a wonderful place to grow up:

It is an environment full of laughter and love, where there is room for making dreams come true.

I have spent 32 days at Sukritham Gardens with the girls and I leave you being sad and happy at the same time:

Sad that our time together is over now. And happy to see you again, because I will come back to you. Promise!

Lots of Love!



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