I spent one fantastic week at Sukritham Home in March and I can say that it was beyond all expectations. Besides the fact that the girls seem very happy in the home they also give much love to each other and to everybody who visits them there. The Sukritham Girls Home is a big, lovely family and I’m very happy that I could be involved to this amazing family. From now on I’m the big sister of them.
I also learnt many things from them, just one among the plenty is that sharing is caring. They are such generous, polite, well-educated and opened to every unknown that we all could only adore and envy it.
My aim by visiting the Sukritham Home was to see the possibilities how to support the new Sukritham Garden by solar panels by my NGO. After my visit I will make it sure that my project will succeed and that the girls will live in an even better environment.
I will try to help the girls and the project in any way and spread all over the world their concept and idea about how lovable you can live your life.
See you girls, Mahadev, mother, amama, Betty, Blackie, Deisy soon.
Big love to all of you,

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