Far from being a charity worker myself or even working for a NGO I’m a simple social worker who simply loves travelling and always go with the flow… And so I have had a chance to meet Mahadev and to spend few days  at Sukritham Home. This short but very intense time was part of my trip, not just to the South of India, but also to my very deep inside.   I am still triying to digest everything that Mahadev explained to me about the situation of girls and women in India… I’m afraid I might never be able to understand… But it is not about understanding.  What I have learnt during those days at Sukritham is all about love, about helping  each other unconditionally, about accepting or not, about acceptance or not, BUT fighting and above all about giving without asking for anything (or just very little!) in return. Those days with those wonderful girls were for me a priceless experience. I still hear that song at 6 am… those absoutely gorgeous voices… I have hardly ever in my life experienced the power of magic  like I did at Sukritham Home.

I am coming back…

In deepest respect for the job Mahadev is doing and loving gratefulness,


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